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X-Jet Nozzle

X-Jet Nozzle

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The XJet is my favorite tool in my tool Box

The X-Jet M5 or M-Jet Spray Nozzle works just like the original, but the close range nozzle is replaced with a built-in adjustable nozzle. Use this to remove mold, dirt, and mildew from buildings without needing a ladder or scaffolding. Project chemicals and liquids to vertical heights of 40 feet at 0° with a simple twist. Use this on jobs when you don't need the impact of the original X-Jet. This nozzle will inject and proportion soaps, chemicals, or other liquids at high pressure. You don't even have to run them through your hose, pump, lance, etc causing damage with caustic chemicals. This is compatible with most pressure washers, hot or cold, from 1000 PSI to 6000 PSI, and with a Max Temperature of 190° F. The vertical height is determined by the power of your pressure washer.


  • Long Range Nozzle with Variable Fan Patterns
  • Quick Connect Plug on Inlet of Nozzle
  • Hose Barb for Chemical Injection
  • 14 Chemical Proportioners
  • 15 Feet of Clear Vinyl Tubing
  • Ball Valve for Shut Off
  • Filter with Hose Barb
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